Most of our games are also suitable for educational programs. Try to think. How much are you able to remember when there is a flow of information from teacher to student only? Everybody went to school and most of us know that if we want to improve at something, it’s mostly about our hard work. That is why we work with professionals who train companies throughout the country and with them we are preparing games to improve communication skills, business simulation and logic games.
We are not a training or education company, but our activities can help you with lightening the corporate training. The content of our activities is based on 25 years of experience of more than hundreds of professionals from more than 40 countries. We continually develop these games and work on their content to help you develop the required skills.
If you want to enrich your training with a fun way of learning and do not know how to do it, check out our selection of activities and contact us. We are happy to discuss with you how to get the best results for the company development.

Catalyst educational programs gallery

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