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Do you organize a party for your company and you would you like to enrich it with some form of entertainment? You do not want forced entertainment, but something that people can just join if they wanted to? Almost all of our activities can be customized to time or space conditions. With our guests we learn how to mix a perfume in Essence of Excellence, build pyramids in Flat Out Pyramids, and learn to mix the honest gin tonic in Team Tonic. If you want to enrich your event by helping others, paint a giant “puzzle” picture in The Big Picture and we organize a “charity event” for you.
While we realize that people goes to such events especially with the vision of good entertainment, good food and drinks, we try to give our guests something more. The meaning of similar social events should be primarily cognitive. Meet new people and learn new information about them by interacting with them. We avoid everyday topics, so you can find out something new about yourself during the evening also. Who knows…

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