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Who has ever been to a tour of the city with a classic guide? You will learn a lot of useful information about the historical monuments, the people who lived in them and you will see lot of interesting places. Unfortunately you cannot decide where you will go,so the experience of discovery disappears. Now imagine if the city tour was an interactive “treasure hunt” with tablets and you will not get lost anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our Go Team and Photopoly activities, you choose the way you go!

At Go Team you get a tablet with a GPS map that offers you countless new experiences. You can take a video close to the river and feed the swans. Along the way, you will meet an interesting historical character who will give you some task. When you get tired, you can go to an interesting local bar or refreshment restaurant. There are several logical tasks waiting for you to take photos and videos in interesting places to learn something from history. You get points for every fulfilled checkpoint and you exchange them for the key to the treasure!

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