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Your privacy is of an utmost importance for us. Because of it, we are handling your private data as carefully as we can, as well as in compliance with valid laws and regulations, especially the Regulation of European Parliament and the Council of the European Union 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, mostly known as GDPR) and the Czech law No. 101/2000 about protection of private data.

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Which private data are we collecting actually?

We are gathering only private data that we need to provide better services on this website and to improve it continuously.

The administrator and processor of the private data is the agency Maxin PRAGUE, address: Spojovaci 24, CZ-190 00, Prague; registered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 69996 – under the company ID 25784846.

This website informs about the processing and protecion of the user private data under the Czech law 101/2000 about the private data protection and changes in connected laws, in its valid version; then under the Czech law 480/2004 about services of the information society and changes in connected laws, in its valid version, and under the Directive (EU) 2016/679 on protection of citizen rights in connection to processing private data and free movement of this data and cancellation of the Directive 96/46/ES (futher on as “GDPR”).

These are the most times:

First name, family name and email address
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These data are stored in the period of three years, only if valid laws do not request a different period of storage. Cookies have various retention, according to its type. Their retention is set up in a way, so that the website “remembers” your settings and you don’t have to approve things over and over again.

Some external service providers are helping us with their services for this website. Some of your private data may be stored by them, but always according to the valid rules:

Where can you ask a question, or place an objection connected with our handling of your private data?

Questions, or even objections connected with the processing of private data by Maxin PRAGUE s.r.o., the operator of this website, may be sent to this email address: