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If you are in need of team building program we are happy to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team buildings are not connected to any place and can be done anywhere.

As we are part of one of the largest DMC/Event agency in Prague – Maxin PRAGUE, we have many partner suppliers in connected businesses therefore we can organize the whole event for you without having to worry about anything. So, now sit back comfortably and welcome to the world of games for adults that have been building teams around the world for 25 years.

Catalyst has been in existence for over twenty-five years, but we’ve been collecting accurate data about organized events since January 2012.

Even so, those figures are interesting, what do you think?

Numbers about us

The average number of solved tasks when organizing event
The average number of emails sent per team member per day
The average number of brainstorms per team per week

We are socially responsible and if you like that, click here (“Pay it forward and help”) or here (“B1G1”)

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

We are teambuilding event agency from Prague and our activities celebrate success all around the world. We are in touch with colleagues from England, New Zealand and America on daily bases and we improve all our games with them. Lot of games are built under the hands of experienced instructors and are tailor-made for the local environment and the market. Therefore it is no wonder we have so many games. We can build ships from cardboard with your team, test their cooperation in Survival, play violins in Crescendo or do the city treasure hunt GoTeam.

As a Catalyst Czech Republic we are not operating only in the Czech Republic but we also do events abroad. Last time we built giant puppets on the beach in Portugal! Hot sand, cold beer and splashes of waves. Can you imagine a better environment for teambuilding?

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