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    Since we have a lot of activities to offer and each one can be tailored to your wishes, it can sometimes be difficult to just “pick” one from the list. Is not 100% clear to you how the activity works? Are you not sure how we can help you with the organization? Write us an e-mail or call us and we will be happy to visit you at your workplace and explain everything in person.

    We know very well how hard it is to find some spare time for yourself, family, sports and hobbies. The idea that you should go somewhere to solve out the teambuilding event is unrealistic during the workweek. Therefore we want to save you time because we are very well aware that time is the most valuable thing we have in our life.

    If you have a way around, we will show you where we work. We can have coffee or tea and discuss your ideas and wishes. You can find us at the Spojovací 24 in Žižkov. Do not worry about parking, we do not have a parking zones yet. See you soon!

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