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We are a team of young people who enjoy having fun all around. Some of us have previously worked in tourism, some in marketing, and some have been creating entertainment programs for children and adults. We work in the Czech Republic and abroad. All of us love traveling, good laugh and we are in for every original new idea. We work hard because it is often the case that the client calls us if we can organize teambuilding for him the next day. Can you imagine how it looks in the office and warehouse?

However, the stress and the nerves go aside on the day of event, because we love to distribute positive energy and observe people who really enjoy “corporate” event. For more information about each of us, check out the medallions below.

Our team

RadkaTeambuilding Manager - Moderator
Radka is one of the oldest serving members of Catalyst Team. Her mundane is prepping Team building events as well as their facilitation. Organizing event of all sorts is her passion especially because she gets to use creative thinking. She is enthusiastic who believes that with the right attitude toward the client nothing is impossible.

Apart from facilitation and event management Radka also performs with local English company theatre. She loves to sing and play piano. If she is not on one of our events, you can find her sitting in a café reading a book.

VladimirTeambuilding Manager - Moderator
Vladimír is experienced worker with people. Thanks to work with Icelandic teenagers he got the „take it easy „feeling. Nothing is so bad it can´t be worse and every problem has its own solution. In case it has not, it´s not a problem.
Vladimír is universal, graduated historic who likes to knit and juggle. As a official tourist guide in Prague he can always suggest good coffee or hot chocolate and as a real sport lover he thinks, that
„A life is like a riding a bicycle – to keep a balance you must keep moving.
ZuzanaSales Manager
Zuzana is the newest member of Catalyst team. After many years of living abroad she decided to come back home and put all the work experiences to a good use. Since 2011 she works in the fast evolving industry of events, sales and hotels. She believes that every decision is the right one if the person making it is happy or at least learns something useful.
If she is not in the office, on the meeting, site inspection or driving the compani´s van, you will most definitelly find her on a yoga mat. Ashtanga yoga is huge part of her life. Last year she made one of her dreams come true – flew to India a became certified yoga teacher.
EliškaCompany Guard and Happiness manager
Eliška is our security guard of the office. When she is not guarding our office she has to take care of all toys in the office as well as keep in consideration of tasks such as distracting us from work and keep smile on our faces during the day.

We love her!

Jakub Škorík
Jakub ŠkoríkHead of Department
Jacob always wants to know everything, talk to everything, and he’s always in the rush. That’s what he wants from us – be in the move, just a typical boss. But without him, our team could not exist because it is based on his experience in events and team buildings proven by long year records which he is constantly developing with us.

Our mission

Our vision

Together with you, we create experiences that you will remember even on your old knees.

Our goal is to create a fun experience in the form of a game that strengthens your team and persists. We let you think and discuss beyond the classical framework you know from everyday life. This will give you positive attitude for discussion and create what is necessary to revive the value of your business.

Our biggest dream is to create a working environment where people will understand each other, they will not be afraid to communicate and will feel good. Only then we can truly be ourselves.

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