A year in Karlín: We share with you special moments and plans for the future!

800x oslava dvůr

Dear partners and friends!

Today we would like to share some joyful observations from the celebration we organized a few days ago.
It was the “First birthday at a new address” on Sokolovská Street in Prague 8. Together with our colleagues from Maxin PRAGUE, we found a wonderful environment here, not only with larger storage spaces but also with excellent accessibility. Since our move in January 2023, we have been more visible here, and our decision bears fruit.

“We grow together”
By moving to a new address, we did not lose direction or passion for our next work. The increased demand for our services has motivated us to develop further, and we are happy to create the next chapter of our history together.

“One hundred events per year”
After a year at this great place in Karlín, we have reached a respectable milestone – the total number of events we have organized together with Maxin PRAGUE is approaching one hundred. This number is a confirmation for us that together we create a dynamic and inspiring environment.

“Reaching out to our community”
We would like to thank everyone who supported us and formed a community around us in the last year. Your support gives us energy and motivation. Thank you for every moment spent together and we look forward to further joint events and projects.

“What is waiting for us”
With birthdays also come wishes and plans for the future. So let’s wish for growth in the quality and quantity of our projects, which we are still ready to create for you.