Have you ever seen a free entrance to the casino, where you could play poker and roulette for free?If you haven’t, it’s not a big surprise at the end… What would pay their bills for all the people and electricity…?

We’re working in a very diverse environment though, that connects so many various people – and we have that experience! Together with our colleagues from Maxin PRAGUE, we were invited to a poker tournament organized for partner agencies and Prague hotels.

The whole action took place in the Rebuy Start Casino Savarin, located just around the corner from the Wenceslas Square. Right upon our arrival, we were taken care of Mrs. Krenkova, who showed us around in the casino, showed us the live game, the poker room, the balcony, hidden in the courtyard of the palace, and took us to our tables.

Everything was ready and the tournament could begin. Our colleague Alexandra, took the lead, winning the first three rounds of the game. Even as a regular player at poker tournaments, what a surprise it was for me every time she showed her hand after the end of every round. The third round I even said my feeling about which cards she has, and she actually had them. It’s a true challenge to collect a straight with Four and Seven, but she made it!

We were enjoying the game more and more, as other players were leaving the game. Maybe it also was our excitement, because the tournament was granted with CZL 20,000.00 by the organizers! Maybe it was somehow about the drinks that were free all the night. And maybe it was about the great people around taking care of us at the place. Who knows?

I just got into the pace in the tournament, when there was a tournament break. Wonderfully chosen and carefully decorated refreshment awaited us at the tables nearby and nothing was missing in the service. We were also given CZK 1,000.00 for the roulette game. After some two plates of delicious sushi, we moved back to the tables and the poker tournament went on.

To make the long story some four pages shorter, let me tell you how the tournament ended. At the final table, there were our whole crew from Catalyst and Maxin PRAGUE, as well as four other players. Suddenly I checked my watch and realized it was one am! Shortly after that, there were just the two of us.

As both of us were going to our jobs the next morning, we agreed that we would split the prize for the tournament fifty-fifty, and the last game would decide, who takes the tournament trophy. Who gets better cards, takes the trophy. Fortunately it was me at the end and after six hours of enjoyable game and I could go home with that great winner feeling.

We would like to honestly appreciate the great service we experienced at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin, who organized the whole event for us. We are already looking forward to the next tournament already!

March 28th, Prague

Article by: David