Project Description


Creative and Collaborative Teambuilding Game

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1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes

Indoor or Outdoor Activity – Icon

Indoors and Outdoors

Trained Abilities of Activities – Icon

Creative, Collaborative

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Minimum: 25

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Maximum: 60

Progressive business strategies require the ability to imagine the future. Funk the Junk program challenges participants to think again about what can be achieved with limited resources. The Funk The Junk program offers a brand new view on music because it uses professionally-tuned “garbage” tools, as we can find in the city’s landfill.

Let yourself be carried away by the unlimited creativity of your team. You will create a music group that has not been here yet. Participants learn how to improvise, compose, conduct and explore musical possibilities. They will also create sound backgrounds, expressing the silence of the nature or  energetic stomping. Engage in quick thinking and watch your colleagues create a sound wave that was not here yet. And how they smile at it! …