Hybrid Teambuilding

Hybridní teambuilding tři ženy hrající s čtvrtou osobou online

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a recent great team building experience we had at Catalyst Czech Republic!

Sometimes the situation is complicated – you don’t know if all the employees can show up, and then there is the question of whether to invite them at all. Well, it is precisely such dilemmas that we solve in our story.

Of the 40 invited clients, 2 were unable to attend because they were on the other side of the world in distant San Francisco. But that didn’t deter us! The client chose our favorite activity ANIMATE, which we wrote about in previous articles. And this is where our magic begins – we have a lot of team building activities, such as ANIMATE, where participants can also fulfill their roles virtually.

Catalyst Czech Republic has accumulated a lot of experience during covid with online events, and now we know how to perfectly combine the virtual and physical worlds. And what is the best? Our teams connect with clients not only in person, but also online, and together they create unforgettable experiences. I’m often surprised at how naturally people invite their virtual colleagues to the party instead of just completing the tasks themselves. These are the moments I love about our job!

So if you’re thinking about team building and you’re not sure if everyone will be there, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll show you how to elegantly solve all challenges and connect your team wherever they are.

With a smile,

Michal Boháček