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irsko tráva international

Did you know that Catalyst has been operating on the Czech market for eight years already?

You may remember our newsletter that we released to the world six months ago. It concerned our participation in the European conference of selected partners in the field of team building in Barcelona. It is a very beneficial conference where agencies from different countries inspire each other and share their experiences.

To our pleasant surprise, we were invited to the conference again. This time not only with European participation, but worldwide! The event was organized at the end of August by a team building agency in Ireland and invited not only professionals from the EU but also agencies from Japan, Australia and America.

Together we discussed and presented our most successful activities. Thanks to this, we have the best feedback from people who are successfully engaged in team building, as well as a lot of new tips on how and what to enrich our other projects.

We certainly don’t need to explain how strongly these experiences always motivate us. You hear a lot of great things that you immediately want to try.

My colleagues and I realize how lucky we are to do work that is our hobby and also to be part of a big “family” from all corners of the world. And when you enjoy something, you like to get better at it. And therefore, as always, you have something to look forward to.

We will continue to inform you about our updated activities and news.

The Catalyst Czech Republic team