Have you ever come to the situation where you were in charge of organizing a corporate party? If you needed to book a restaurant for 10 people who knew each other, it probably was not a problem. But what if you had the task of organizing a fun afternoon for 150 people who know each other only briefly? How would you divide them? What would be the whole afternoon program?

You don´t want to do that. It is our job to do this for you, so you can enjoy the event with your colleagues. Almost all of our activities can be brought to the location you specify. Same thing with branding and editing activity for your needs.

How does Catalyst teambuilding look like? It all starts with preparations. We will come there little early and prepare everything so when the guests come to the room, the program can start straight away. We will welcome all participants and present our team. Then we play one or two short games to break the barriers in between people. We develop these games by ourselves and carefully use them based on what our guests later amplify. Then the chosen activity follows.

If you have to organize similar event and you would appreciate some help, do not hesitate to contact us.

We enjoy having fun with people!