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Imagine that the magic of Animate activity is not only in the final result but also in the creation process. Did you know that animated film has its roots in the nineteenth century, when a device called a stroboscope was invented. This device – essentially a large drum with paintings around its circumference – came to life by spinning rapidly. Thanks to the inertia of human vision, which holds images for a fraction of a second, a fascinating illusion of movement was created.


In the last issue of our newsletter, we talked about our favorite Christmas activity – Animate. Today we would like to develop this topic further, as we have not yet mentioned all the benefits that this activity offers.


Recall that Animate tasks teams with creating an animated sequence of a film or story using various decorative materials. Thanks to special software, the individual frames are combined into a smooth animation. Clients often use the resulting film for marketing purposes, as the theme of the animation can be very variable.


This activity has a significant intra-company benefit. In order to achieve a successful result, the team needs to work together exactly like a film crew, with clearly defined roles – director, screenwriter, cinematographer, etc. Just like children who become fully involved in a game when you entrust them with a certain role, adults also become immersed in their tasks with greater commitment and a sense of responsibility.


The division of roles also requires communication skills. In order for the film to be engaging and the individual sequences to follow each other smoothly, close cooperation across different departments is necessary. This allows us to better understand clients’ competencies, and their ability to respond to unexpected situations and effectively communicate the needs of our team.


In conclusion, this activity gives us particularly detailed feedback on communication skills and we have already helped many companies to discover and improve their teamwork dynamics. Some clients even started changes in their teams after our cooperation.


Thank you for reading our newsletter and we look forward to working together to bring stories to life together.


Best regards and have an inspiring day,