Companies kill two birds with one stone! 

Animate chrismas -

It’s here again! Christmas hints and special events are slowly but surely attacking us all from shops decorated for Christmas or your e-mail.   

Of course, we are no exception! Therefore, we are very pleased that you clicked on the link and read this far.   

Pre-Christmas dates are quickly filling up with reservations from our regular clients, but we would still like to inspire you with this year’s hits.   

One of the best co-op games we offer is an activity called ANIMATE.   

ANIMATE is most popular just before the end of the year. Its goal is to create a variable short film with the help of our software, made from a series of images connected one after the other. A good example of such creation is the well-known serial couple Pat and Mat, which is created using the same technology.   

The result is fun team building and New Year’s wishes creation at the same time! As the title of this article suggests, you can combine the pleasant with the useful. We guarantee that you will have a great time. Moreover, with this activity, the teams will work closely together, because any lack of communication and disharmony would be mercilessly exposed in the film. As an invaluable added value, an original Christmas greeting or New year wishes of 2024 can be created, in which you can project anything you can think of! 

Animate is perfect for the beginning of your Christmas party. A team of, say, eight people can create up to a 20-second “masterpiece” in two hours. Of course, the videos can be more elaborate and shorter, but that is entirely up to you. 

We have the last free dates available in April and December, so if you are at least a little bit interested in this type of ours, don’t hesitate to write to us. Maybe I’ll just go from there…