Growing trend: CSR Teambuildings bring joy and benefit!

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teambuildings are becoming increasingly popular. The number of companies realizing the impact of their activities on the environment and striving for efficient resource utilization and positive outcomes is growing. This results in a growing interest in teambuildings with a broader impact. Companies that have long been caring for the well-being of their employees and providing them with benefits beyond contractual compensation, such as shared teambuilding activities, are increasingly open to new forms of entertainment with beneficial results. Building a valuable output that brings joy and helps others is the best motivation.

In our previous article, we introduced the activity “Building a Dream,” in which we created bicycles for children from orphanages. Other popular activities with a broader impact include building doghouses for shelters or birdhouses. A romantic option is planting trees or a “treasure hunt,” where points are converted into money for charitable purposes. We also create individual games tailored to your company’s theme.

If you are tired of stereotypical teambuildings, we are happy to help you create a fun activity that brings joy and benefit. Let us know, we are happy to advise you and help spread joy and goodness.


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