Catalyst helps again or: we gave the kids their first bikes

Předání kol

Last week, we had another fantastic opportunity to strengthen our team through a fun team-building event in Eastern Czech Republic. At first glance, it might seem like just another event within our business routine. But why should you remember it? And what made it so exceptional?

Because every time we collaborate with our clients to create a product that helps someone else and serves a noble cause, it uplifts and motivates us for the days and weeks ahead.

Together with our client, Vera, spol. S.r.o., we had an ambitious plan. We devised a fun method to assemble and adjust ten children’s bikes through engaging and unconventional competitions. Clients gradually unlocked parts of the bikes through scored games.

This activity has been part of our portfolio for some time with minor adjustments. In the past, we’ve built functional doghouses and birdhouses using similar methods.

Of course, we wanted these bikes to end up in the hands of children who truly need them. Therefore, we involved the Chlumec Social Services and the organization “Donate Bikes to Children” in the project. With their help, we visited places where children in temporary care or other social disadvantages reside immediately after the activity.

Considering the protection of children’s personal data, clients only learned the age and first name of the child. Nevertheless, they enthusiastically participated in the production and each bike was accompanied by a dedication.

Through this approach, I want to not only remind our clients that the children were thrilled with the new bikes but also emphasize that for many of them, it was their first experience riding their own bike.

The entire team at Catalyst Czech Republic was delighted to be part of this event, as the joy of children rarely surpasses anything else.

We look forward to future activities that will be meaningful and bring joy and assistance to those in need. If your team is seeking a team-building activity that also helps those in need, we would be happy to assist you in organizing it.

Best regards,