Creative and Competitive Teambuilding Game

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1 hour – 4 hours

Outdoor Activity – Icon


Trained Abilities of Activities – Icon

Creative, Competitive

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Minimum: 10

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Maximum: Unlimited

This creative platform can be used as a test of various abilities in a different type of terrain. Go Team on our tablets can take members to a busy city, on mountain trails, into the forest or even on water. Go Team can handle any number of teams as well as various number of checkpoints which can be tailor made for purpose or goal of the event. Go Team pulls the staff out of their routine work and makes them think creatively. They get in touch with people from the company they would not normally come into contact with. This can break down the barriers between them and start a new era of cooperation, trust and fresh ideas. Challenges from this game will provide the skills needed to solve conflicts. Teams find that even failure can lead to success in the final by learning from mistakes they have made. New challenges, rational and strategic thinking can be the key to further development.