Competitive and Collaborative

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30 – 45 minutes

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Competitive and Collaborative

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Minimum: 10 persons

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Maximum: Unlimited

Every single team gets a bunch of different parts and have to mobilize all their strengths to build a car model in record time. The key to success is to optimize their working process. Teams need to create very efficient assembly lines and save literally every second. The pressure is even greater because each car must have its own specific style and expression. Quality is everything here! The final product (whether a sedan or sports car) has to meet customer expectations. Speed ​​is essential; even a small mistake can mean a drop in the rankings. As the learning process progresses, teams improve their work, focusing instead on the team time better on sharing the best practices between teams to achieve the best possible final product in time.

Process improvement has never been as important as today and Need 4 Speed ​​is a great platform for you to start this debate in fun way.  Attractive design of models and their physical character awakens the child in every participant.