Creative and Collaborative Teambuilding Game

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2 hours- 4 hours

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Creative, Collaborative

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Minimum: 10

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Maximum: Unlimited

The participants are often amazed when they see what they can produce from a bunch of bizarre objects. Disbelieving views are fairly common when introducing the task. Each team will receive a game plan and a set of game cards that they will first consult with each other; then start sharing information and resources with other teams and trying to figure out how to create the most interesting series of simple machines. During the planning and building itself, we can see the increasing self-confidence of teams that are beginning to see what they can do if they really work together for a common goal. When the construction and testing is done, there is a time to show them what have they created together. The team’s success lies in understanding the assignments on the cards, evaluating available resources, creating a rough plan, and then building and refining the original plan.