Competitive and collaborative remote teambuilding online

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1.5 – 3 hours

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Anywhere (the game is online)

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Minimum: 8 persons

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Maximum: ∞ (any amount)

Using your own tablets, Windows PC, Mac or Smartphones, individuals are sent information on how to form a team to successfully summit Mount Everest. Teams get access to a Master Game Screen, where they can see their progress up the mountain in real-time and what points they have gained for summitting and returning safely to Base Camp. Data is synchronized between multiple devices for the same team and they must process this simultaneously using Teams, Zoom, Slack etc. to communicate and improve their performance. Lots of information needs to be processed quickly and accurately, if the team wants to succeed.

Plenty of content-rich debriefing will enable remote participants to get a better understanding of their ability to divide and conquer and act as a high performing team.