Creative Online Teambuilding Game

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1 – 1.5 hour

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Trained Abilities of Activities – Icon

Collaborative, creative

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Minimum: 8 persons

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Maximum: Unlimited

After splitting into teams, each of them will download their virtual screen. The game begins with „a big virtual tour“ of the world´s leading museums, and teams answer art-related questions along the way. The correct answer will give them the important RGB codes they will use to apply the right colour to their digital painting segment. Upon completion, the teams will send their pictures to compile a collective work of art.

Like the „live version“ of this activity, the online version is a leading teambuilding activity that emphasizes the importance of collaboration and clear communication. Achieving a coherent „Big Picture“ requires uncompetitive, creative thinking and collaboration with and between teams.

The big Picture Online can be customized to reflect the values of your brand and company. You can decide whether participants will paint their segments digitally, with colours, crayons or other media. The involvement of employees creates strong team ties and spontaneously leads to management training.