Project Description


Competitive Teambuilding Game

Účastníci se baví při kreativní teambuildingové hře Think Art od Catalyst Skupinka čtyř žen prochází napínavou soupeřivou teambuildingovou hrou Trust or Bust Trust or Bust je soupeřivý teambuilding od Catalyst - na obrázku její hráčky
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1 – 3 hours

Indoor Activity – Icon


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Minimum: 8 persons

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Maximum: Unlimited

Trust or Bust is an engaging activity themed as the customs area of an international airport, complete with customs officials, arriving passengers and contraband items (DVDs, money etc).

Participants are guided through a series of fun experiential activities to learn about the role of facial expressions, body language, congruity of speech and eye assessing cues in relation to trust and deception.