What you can do together for community?

Spring is coming once again and the nature is blooming. Are you thinking of an event for your company and you don’t know what to choose? Have a look at our “Tree-Mend-Us” program.It’s a teambuilding program, by which you spend an entertaining afternoon outdoors and bonds in your team will strengthen at the same time. As a reward for tasks you shall go through, a tree will be presented to you, which you will plant with your own hands. Required tools are necessary, which we have ready for you, if you help clean up a part of a forest, broom the area in front of the hospital, or build a tiny hotel for ants.

It’s about a year now, since we planted fruit trees by the so-called “Kunraticky potok” (creek), just few steps from the IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine). The trees are thriving and once they bear fruits, they will delight both children from a nearby playground, as well as mouflons from the “Krcsky les” (Krc forest).

More details about more of our CSR programs can be found HERE (“Pay it forward and help”) or HERE (“B1G1”)